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How Conceptual Design Leads To Satisfied Hotel Guests

The contemporary way of living is quite demanding and exhausting. Vacation serves as an antidote to that. People need to “de-charge” from everyday life during their vacation, in addition to having an exceptional experience. But what makes an experience exceptional?

Conceptual design & Architecture

The visitors need a narrative, a special experience during their visit to a place, which will provide them with images and vivid memories that will accompany them upon their return to everyday routine.

The influence of the cultural and other local characteristics (landscape, nature etc.) on the Architecture and the design is essential in achieving that. This influence can be applied both to the exterior architectural planning of a building as well as in the interior design (furniture etc.). The product design and the graphics can also be fields of appliance.

The main goal during a renovation of an existing hotel or the construction of a new one is to incorporate the natural characteristics of a place, the culture, the customs and the way of life in the design. Using a combination of innovative technologies, we can achieve 100% satisfied visitors, enthusiastic reviews, satisfied hotel owners and very good turnover.

The case study of Parian Boutique Hotel

The upgrade of Parian Boutique Hotel by its recent last renovation, highlighted the special characteristics of the famous Greek island of Paros. 

The interior design was influenced by the Greek sun and the natural materials found on the beach or by the sea such as canes, sea wood, sand, rocks, etc. The colors used for the complex respected the overall traditional environment created through the centuries past, leading to an outstanding overall result.

Following the renovation, the hotel produced exceptional results, since its revenue grew by 104% during the summer of 2018.

Back to the basics?

The answer is Yes - but in a contemporary way… Using architecture and interior design as a key element of cultural and historical representation of a place in addition to modern and innovative technologies, can lead in very successful examples of unique architecture.


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